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Making a CD Master

The master file is the completed project file that you want us to reproduce. It could be an audio CD master of your latest demo songs, a video, PDF or PowerPoint presentation on CD for corporate distribution or a DVD release of you new film.

Our package pricing is based on copying your project exactly the way it is. You can upload your master to our FTP server or you can mail or courier your master if you have time.

We cannot copy copyrighted material. You are required to provide proof if ownership for all content on your project

For an additional fee we can assist you with any and every aspect of project creation including auto-starts, startup screens, CD and DVD authoring, video transfer and conversion and much more. You can also choose us as your graphic design house to create the graphics files required for your disc face and other print components if you choose them.

If you are satisfied with your project just the way it is and you intend to design your own graphics, just make sure you use our templates. To ensure quick turnaround and the highest quality possible, all graphic must be supplied in ShortRunCD templates. Our templates are available in both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator formats. Additional charges will apply if you art is supplied in any other format.

If you would like content creation, design help or additional features to enhance your project, simply indicate your request on the order form or contact a ShortRunCD Customer Support Representative for advice and a free quotation.

Call us toll-free at 1-800-236-9905

Preparing your audio master for CD duplication

Unless you request additional services, your audio master will be duplicated exactly the way you provide it. That means that it is essential for you to take extra care in the preparation and organization of your audio CD master. The copies we make will be identical to the audio master CD in every way.

Here's what to watch for:

  • Make sure that your songs are in the same order as the track listing on your printed material
  • Listen to your entire audio CD before sending it to us
  • Check for the right amount of spacing between songs
  • Listen for pops, clicks, distortion and buzz

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