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The Advantages of DVD Menus?

A DVD can be authoring in two ways:

For simple presentations consisting of a single video file or slideshow, the DVD can start playing immediately without a menu screen or additional options. At the end of the presentation the DVD stops or loops depending on the your requirement.

For DVD presentations with multiple videos or slideshows or if the DVD just needs to make an impression on the viewer we can create a custom menu screen. The DVD starts and goes to the menu screen when it is placed in the DVD player. The user can use the controls of the DVD player remote to navigate through the menu choices available. Using this technique it's possible to combine a variety of video elements and slideshows on the same DVD. We can even create motion menus for exceptionally professional presentations.

It is also possible to add web links to a DVD menu allowing the viewer to jump to a website from the DVD. This option is only available to users who are viewing the DVD on a computer or a set top box with internet access.

Just send us the video files, slideshow photos, logos or web links you want included on your DVD. We'll author a DVD that sets you apart from the competition.

Contact a Short Run CD Customer Care Representative now for all the information you need to get started on your DVD project.