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Why Should I have a start-up screen on my CD?

Adding an auto-start feature to your CD reduces the technical challenges faced by your audience. Adding a start-up screen with menu options takes your CD to the next level.

To project a professional image and deliver a problem free user experience, nothing is more impressive than a CD that self launches to a dynamic full screen presentation. An esthetically pleasing start-up screen with your corporate logo and clear menu choices sets the tone for your entire package. It also allows the user quick and easy access to your content.

In addition to accessing the files on the CD, we can create a CD interface that includes external links to you email address and website. It is often necessary to keep the information on you CD as generic as possible to increase the longevity of the release. References to dates, costs, and other timely information are usually avoided as the result. Including website links on your CD allows you to direct the CD user to current and updated information at the click of the mouse. In many cases a CD can be used simply as a "front end" to entice users to a dynamic and powerful website presentation. This reduces the burden on the CD creator and allows for price changes, information updates and design improvements.

Our team of authoring and design experts can create a professional and dynamic start-up screen for you next CD project. A basic custom user interface with your logo three menu items starts at just $100 US. Contact a Short Run CD Customer Service Representative today and find out how easy it is to produce a CD that has combines impact and functionality.