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What is an Enhanced CD?

Enhanced music CDs are an exciting way to take your audio CD project to the next level. An enhanced audio CD combines audio and multimedia together on the same CD so that video, slide shows and web links can be viewed on a computer.

Conventional audio CDs have 74 minutes of space for music. Most CDs are never filled completely allowing room for the CD-ROM content that distinguishes an Enhanced CD from an regular audio CD. That means additional excitement for your fans and new promotional opportunities for you!

Imagine the power of a CD that contains information about the band and videos or a slideshow showcasing your talent. Give your fan and industry contacts an a easy way to connect with you by providing instant access to your website and email. We'll add one of your songs as an MP3 that plays as they surf your unique content. Includes screen
savers, lyrics, flash animations, band interviews, photos and more.