cd rom duplicatioon
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Audio CD Duplication

Audio CD production of quantities over 1000 are usually manufactured in a long-run process called "replication". If you require large quantities of high quality plant pressed CDs please visit our sister site: The CD Factory

For short-run quantities and fast turnaround, please read on!

Short-run technology has improved substantially over the past few years and the quality of today's short-run output is a great alternative to long-run replicated CDs.

Indie bands and music makers across North America trust Short Run CD to help them with their audio CD duplication.

Why would a music maker consider short-run duplication instead of long-run replication?

3 reasons - fast turnaround, small quantities, great price!

First, the speed of short-run duplication makes it the only option of you need your discs in a hurry. Plant produced replicated CDs take 2 - 3 weeks after you sign off on the master. Most artists don't realize that they need to approve the artwork and the master disc before the project is submitted. Add the shipping time and your 2 -3 week turn time can easily be more like a month!

Short-run CDs ship in 2-3 days after approvals. Choose expedited when ordering and we can usually ship within 24 hours. That means you'll have your CDs when you need them, complete with printed inserts in the packaging of your choice.

The second reason more and more artists choose Short Run CD to duplicate their project is our ability to produces small quantities. Perhaps you only need 50 or 100 CDs to sell at an upcoming gig. Maybe you just need enough CDs to mail for self promotion or marketing. You might have already ordered long-run replication from another company and it doesn't look like they're going to make the deadline. Short-run duplication can come to the rescue!

The last reason is our aggressive pricing. Our state-of-the-art short-run technology means we can produce CD-Rs complete with printed inserts at prices that sometimes rival long-run duplication.

There has never been a better time to consider short-run as a viable solution for artists and bands and there is no better company. Short Run CD is your best choice for duplicating your audio CD project!